Press Releases



October 30th, 2019:  Hans van der Sluijs Joins BioTork as Chief Development Officer: Former executive at DSM will help guide strategic vision and deploy technology.  News Release

October 15th, 2019:  Former POET and Domtar Executive Mark DeAndrea Joins BioTork as President and Chief Strategy Officer: Industry Veteran Mark DeAndrea has been appointed as President & Chief Strategy Officer of BioTork. Mark’s recent operational leadership experience includes Vice President and Business Unit Leader for Domtar BioMaterials (advanced materials and performance chemicals innovation and commercialization) and Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for POET.  News Release

March 11th, 2019:  BioTork and Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits Enter Joint Development Collaboration: BioTork & LBDS are pleased to jointly announce the formalization of a collaboration for the development of improved yeast strains for the ethanol industry. “BioTork has been working with Lallemand, a world leader in the yeast industry, for some time and is happy to have the opportunity to make its own footprint in the market.”  News Release

December 6th, 2016: BioTork Improves Whiskey-producing Yeast: BioTork unveils its improvements on yeasts for the whiskey industry. BioTork’s strains can produce about 20% more ethanol with 1-2 days shorter fermentation time than standard yeast strains. News Release

October 19, 2016: Florida Institute funds Gainesville-based BioTork, LLC: BioTork is delighted to announce that the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research, a non-profit organization funded by the state of Florida, has awarded BioTork funding in order to support the company’s focus on the cost-efficient, sustainable conversion of low-value products into chemical commodities. News Release

October 18, 2016: UF Grants Exclusive Worldwide License to BioTork : BioTork announces that UF is granting the company a license to use an extremely heat-tolerant phytase. With it’s strain development expertise, BioTork will greatly improve the production of this enzyme that could revolutionize the animal feed industry. News Release 

September 19, 2016: Producing Cannabinoids With Yeast: BioTork announces it has reached a first milestone in the race to alternative cannabinoids. It has doubled the rate and production of a cannabinoid precursor in a strain of yeast engineered to do so. This opens the door to the production of safe, pure, and reasonably priced cannabinoids anywhere in the world. News Release

 November 18, 2015: BioTork Announces Groundbreaking Alternative to Fish Oil: BioTork, LLC, a Florida-based biotechnology company has created a sustainable, GMO-free, vegan omega-3 oil produced from algae.  This omega-3 oil will be launched in the nutraceutical, feed and food industries worldwide as a direct replacement to fish oil. News Release

June 12, 2012: BioTork announces completion of the first milestone in a development project conducted for BASF. The project is intended to optimize the performance of certain microbial strains for the industrial production of bio-based polymers and green chemicals. News Release

May 7, 2012: BioTork and NCERC are paving the way to economically viable ethanol production from hemicellulose. Both entities announce today, the successful completion of the first step in a joint development program intended to improve production processes and economics of ethanol fuel. This first step was related to the fermentation of sugar D-Xylose into ethanol. News Release

January 2, 2012: Using Unmarketable Hawaiian Papaya to Produce Biofuels. BioTork has reached a first milestone in developmental research project conducted with USDA-PBARC and Rivertop Solutions. The objectives of the project are to convert agricultural by-products into high value microbial oil that can be refined into biofuels. News ReleaseQ&A