Value Proposition


The potential added value brought about by BioTork is virtually endless. With the license to utilize an exclusive, patented evolution technology, BioTork can improve the fermentation abilities of any kind of microorganism on any substrate. In addition, the use of evolution rather than genetic engineering allows us to create improved micro-factories that are NOT genetically modified (non-GMO).

The result is an infinite number of applications of our technology and expertise.

Improving the cellular factories is like changing the software of a process without needing to change the hardware, or the industrial process and machinery itself. Therefore, our business strategy is based on a software model.

Once a market and potential partners have been identified, BioTork offers two possible commercialization pathways for the optimized cellular factories in its own portfolio:

Licensing: BioTork has a portfolio of proprietary strains that have already been optimized for certain industrial purposes. These strains can be licensed along with technical support services.

Partnering: BioTork looks to establish joint partnerships with organizations for the purpose of fulfilling industrialization of new fermentation-based products developed by BioTork.  This involves partnering with industry players already connected with the targeted value chain to accelerate scale-up towards commercial production.

BioTork also offers to service its technology in the following way:

Service Providing: BioTork provides evolution services to companies looking to improve their fermentation processes and significantly reduce their costs. BioTork’s model includes the sharing of both development costs and value creation between BioTork and its client. Typical clients for this service include companies with low-performing microbes that are seeking higher productivity and/or robustness out of the microorganism.